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There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?


- e. h.

The Blame Game

Do you wonder if your child's mood swings are more than just typical teen behavior?

Does it hurt you to hear the way your teen talks about themselves?


Are you concerned they might have an Anxiety disorder? Or maybe that they're dealing with Depression?

Working with teens is unique in that it requires balancing your child's right to privacy with respect for your parental rights.

People don't like to be bossed around; least of all, teens. That doesn't mean they aren't open to some adult support and guidance. 


The teens I work with like that I'm "on their side". They trust me to take their problems seriously and to talk with them about the hard stuff. They know I won't dismiss their genuine difficult issues as being "just a phase". I've found that when teens are approached with curiosity and compassion, rather than judgment and criticism, they enjoy sharing their ideas and experiences with me. This increases their self esteem and self confidence, which is vital to helping them manage symptoms of their Anxiety disorder, Depression, and/or angry outbursts.


The parents of teens that I work with like that i'm also "on your side". I understand that your child's wellbeing and safety are of the utmost importance. I build an alliance with your child that does not undermine your parental authority. I can help parents like yourself balance imposing consequences with recognition that your teen's' "acting out" is a sign of deeper distress. I help everyone involved to better understand and make sense of things by providing alternative perspectives and share knowledge so each of you can make informed choices. 


Discover long-lasting solutions that help your teen thrive.

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