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"You either walk inside your story and own it;

or you stand outside your story

and hustle for your worthiness."

- Brene Brown

Healing Old Wounds

Have you been hiding your suffering because you don't want to bother or burden the people around you?

Do you get stressed out when things aren't "perfect"?

Are you constantly concerned about how others are perceiving you?

Symptoms of Anxiety disorder, Depression or angry outbursts are not signs of weakness. It's far more likely to be a sign of you holding things back for so long.

Most clients reach out to me because they are exhausted from trying to "be strong" or they've tried everything they know, and while it might have worked for a time, it hasn't lasted.

So many of you feel like failures. You've sacrificed so much. Where did you go wrong? What if there's just something fundamentally wrong with you? What if you're just not "good enough"?

In sessions, I collaborate with you on challenging deeply-rooted, harmful beliefs (such as "If I don't sacrifice myself for others, I'm selfish") that are contributing to your struggles. While maintaining relationships requires some adjustments, no healthy relationship requires that we compromise who we are. In fact, the farther we get from being our true selves, the more energy it takes just to navigate the day to day. It's no wonder you're so drained and things feel like such a struggle!

By healing the pain of your past, addressing the fears that have arisen from those experiences, and working through shame that has led you away from aligning with your natural gifts, you can experience the freedom and joy that comes from expressing your whole self.

Discover how honoring yourself can actually help you better support the people you love.

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